Love is the Greatest Healer

(Dr. David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.)

For any change to occur there needs to be a change within, a change within consciousness.

This change within we seek to facilitate at Sedona Health & Healing.

Our Mission

Sedona Health & Healing seeks to relieve suffering in all its forms. We address the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of our clients through consciousness-based healing approaches. We recognize that all healing requires a change within – a change in consciousness – and our intention is to facilitate that transformation. Our dedication is to excellence in everything we do, especially a complete commitment to our clients’ wellbeing. We uphold the Principles of the Health and Healing Clinic and its Values, especially loving compassionate care.

Our Clients

Experience integration and transformation at all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Move past the debilitating effects of trauma, stress, unhealthy habits, self-sabotage and pain to a more balanced, joyful life.

Experience healing on all levels including an increased sense of health, less physical discomfort, reduced stress, and physical and mental resilience.

Embrace their full potential and live their life with deeper meaning, purpose, vitality and inner peace.

Enjoy increased Love in their lives – including both love of self and love for others that facilitates healing on all levels.

Experience an increased connection with others and begin to see interrelationships in the world in a new way. They rediscover their strength and courage to fulfill their life’s purpose.


BodyTalk is one of the most advanced and comprehensive consciousness and energy based healing systems in the world today. It is completely non-invasive and embraces aspects from Eastern and Western medicine, as well as various energetic therapy forms, advanced psychology techniques and spirituality.

HearthMath mentoring using science-based technology and programs for taking charge of your life and living with heart. These approaches are proven to help you reduce stress and anxiety by increasing your inner balance and self-security. Learn to access your heart’s intuition to become the best version of yourself more often!

Retreats offer a deep immersion into healing and assist with life transitions and opening up to one’s fullest potential. Custom designed retreats of 1, 3 and 7 days are available and include the Loving embrace offered at Lotus House Retreats, and BodyTalk, HeartMath and Meditation.

I have experienced the loving and healing care of Jenine in person as well as through long distance sessions. I have to say that I have found all modes of her practice to be equally powerful, yielding tangible results. Jenine has an intelligent comprehension and effective application of the wide scope of Body Talk methodologies. Her unconditional loving presence is healing in itself. She has a spiritual understanding that greatly enhances her work and inspires personal acceptance and growth. Jenine is a blessing along with her work, I cannot recommend her healing work through Body Talk strongly enough!


Roberts Creek, BC

I just had another nerve induction test.  It was the same test I had in January that diagnosed the slow, very slow electrical impulse down my arms; carpal tunnel – severe on the left side and moderate on the right side were diagnosed then as well.  The technician said she wanted to go see the doctor about the results.  He came in and was astounded and then pulled up the stats from the January test.  Are you ready?  Left severe carpal tunnel is completely gone.  Yes, completely gone.  The right moderate carpal tunnel is down to minor.  Yes, down to minor.  The tremor is almost indistinguishable.  In fact, I was able to fill out the required intake form by printing it myself.  In January, I could not control a pen well enough to print legibly and had to fill it out online.  For me, that was a huge marker!  Tangible, real life experience evidence.

K. Kamis

Calgary, AB