Group Acupuncture Series

                                                                                                                  Qīngmíng Shànghé Tú by Zhang Zuduan                                                                                                  

Integrating Mental, Physical and Spiritual Awareness

Wednesdays @ 5pm

A unique series that, in total, balances all body systems and catalyzes the transcending of patterns while helping aid the integration of spiritual information. Awareness is strengthened and the ability to navigate and powerfully interact with the world from this place is intensified. Each of twelve protocols will be offered in a series over the course of 12 weeks. This series will be followed by a series of 12 complementary protocols, that further reinforce total integration for a total of 24 treatments in all. This ongoing series will be offered Wednesdays at 5 pm. Participants may drop-in or register at any time as each treatment has a unique focus and also stands on its own. For those who wish to experience both sets of the series in its entirety; one could start at any time and still complete the full circle, as a subsequent round will be offered. Any missed sessions may be made up during the following round. The fee for each individual session is $40, $400 for each set of 12 weekly sessions; or $700 for all 24 sessions. For those of a more linear nature who wish to start from the “beginning and follow-through to the “end,” we are currently taking enrollment for the next set, which will start Wednesday, April 26th. Groups may register together by contacting us directly at 928.963.1751. A description of each session and the dates for the series currently in progress is listed below. Anyone may jump in at any time, and continue with us for as many weeks as desired. 

Week 10 April 11, 2017 Knowledge is Power: This session powerfully stabilizes and recharges the kidneys. This week focuses on allowing fear, doubt and insecurity to dissolve into a greater sense of power, knowledge, intuition and groundedness..











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Or Contact Sarah C. Mowdy, L.Ac., MSOM at 928.963.175