Mission and Values


Our Mission

Sedona Health & Healing  seeks to relieve suffering in all its forms.  We provide consciousness-based healthcare addressing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of our clients. We uphold the Principles of Health and Healing and our Values, especially loving compassionate care. 

Our Values

Love and compassion

We treat our clients and each other with love, compassion and mercy and offer our clients a level of loving, compassionate care that helps the healing in and of itself.  We take inspiration from the work of Mother Teresa of Calcutta who saw the face of God in each person and from the work of Dr. David R. Hawkins, whose teachings form the foundation for our healing principles.


The sole purpose of our clinic is to ease our clients’ suffering no matter what form that suffering takes. Our focus is always on what the client needs for his/her long term, inner healing rather than simply offering a treatment to serve the immediate symptoms.


Our intention is to nurture the well-being of the whole person, addressing physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual needs.  There is a subtle but important difference between healing and treatment – our focus is on healing of the whole person, rather than on making a diagnosis and then treating a symptom, concern or disease. We provide a healing environment in everything we do – for our clients, our community and our colleagues.


We aim for excellence in all aspects of our work.  For our clients this means that we deliver the best outcomes including collaborating with practitioners at other clinics and referring to other approaches if that is a priority. We provide a level of care that goes above and beyond what is expected to further support our clients’ healing.


All healing comes from a change of consciousness – we simply help facilitate this change. The body knows how to heal itself and we simply assist the bodymind with knowing what needs to be rebalanced for that healing to take place, or provide other mental, emotional, or physical supports to assist the body’s own innate healing process. We also don’t assume that it is a healing of the physical body that needs to occur, but are more interested in a healing within, an inner peace that makes what happens with the body of little importance.

Selfless Service

Full compassion, attention and selfless service are given to our clients, but without an attachment to a particular healing outcome. We also give generously of our time, money and resources to ease suffering in all its forms, including being equally conscious of compassionate care for ourselves and our own families.


We recognize the power of Divinity in the healing process and our practitioners view their work and their spiritual life as one and the same, i.e., every moment is an opportunity to be in the presence of God and our work is an avenue for that. We also recognize the power of turning one’s life over to Divinity in the healing process and support our clients and community in their spiritual practice.


We commit to be stewards of our clients’ time and money and develop treatment approaches that give the best outcomes at a reasonable cost and in consideration of our clients’ financial situation. We are also stewards of our community and support the overall health and healing of our community through community clinics, offering our space to groups aligned with our values, and supporting 12-steps and attitudinal healing groups, among others.

Integrity and professionalism

We work with the utmost of integrity and commitment to client confidentiality. All practitioners uphold the Principles of Health and Healing, and are fully certified in their field.