Caleb Ludeman

Certified Bodytalk Practitioner

Caleb Ludeman is a certified body talk practitioner. Within this healing modality, he draws from a wide array of techniques and concepts derived from a life-long pursuit of healing for himself and his family. Caleb uses a muscle checking practice to identify the deeper need for the client beyond their reported symptoms. Caleb’s diverse studies allow for complimentary therapies to be integrated where necessary, such as sound therapy with tuning forks. Using a holistic view of healing, Bodytalk’s non-invasive process reestablishes lines of communication within the body/mind that may have been disrupted by stress, trauma, or genetic factors. Caleb’s long journey in exploring healing and transformation has led him to believe that everyone has an innate healing capacity that can be called upon via a deep personal connection with a caring facilitator. Whether you have a serious condition or feel like de-stressing, a body talk treatment can be just what you need. Clients report feeling much more relaxed and centered with a greater sense of well-being after a one hour session.