Principles of Health & Healing

 Unconditional Love is the energy of healing.

Lovingness is the biggest healer in the world.

 All healing comes from an increased awareness about oneself and an expansion of understanding.

Holistic healing addresses each issue on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

The body is a reflection of the mind: as the mind changes so does the body. The person who has that illness needs to change in order for it to disappear.

Illness always includes suppressed emotions, especially guilt and erroneous belief systems.

Healing requires changes to one’s environment to support health and healing.

Consciousness itself knows what is needed for healing and kinesiology is a means to access this innate wisdom.

Healing requires looking beyond the symptoms and labels to heal at the source of the problem.

Surrendering one’s will to Divinity and “accepting what is” activates self healing.

Prayer facilitates healing. We love and pray for our clients.